Why Choose RSG?

We are a business that focuses on the future, always looking for ways to manage the inevitable changes that affect the retirement plan industry. We are skilled at incorporating innovations at every customer touch point to ensure each client’s retirement plan meets its goals.

We believe in people. First and foremost, we are in business to help people achieve financial security and reach their retirement goals. By working to manage costs, our clients get to keep more of their money for their future.

We are committed to helping our clients navigate the complex rules and regulations that govern the retirement plan industry. We are sensitive to change; when it happens, we are ready to guide our clients through it to a positive outcome that fits their business and goals. Because we ALWAYS have our clients’ goals in mind, we monitor their plans, looking for ways to improve, redesign and streamline as their businesses go through inevitable changes.

We are as committed to our own employees as we are to our clients. We can’t serve our clients well if we don’t serve our employees well. Longevity is commonplace at RSG; people are hired and stay for a career, not just a job. We care for our employees by creating upward paths within the company, by supporting them as they pursue knowledge about the retirement plan industry and by offering incentives for exceptional work.

We believe in the value of communication. When a client calls us with a question, we respond—quickly —with an answer they can rely on. And we’re always looking for ways to solve issues before they become problems.

We know RSG may not be the right solution for everyone. If we’re not a good fit, we’ll says so. Those businesses who do become our clients will get exactly the kind of service they need because we have total confidence we can deliver it. At RSG customer service is an attitude and not a department!