Planning and Design

Our planning and design services include conferences and informal discussions with company management to identify specific retirement plan objectives, budgeting restraints and basic provisions. A properly designed plan should provide the company with all tax benefits and business efficiencies available from a qualified retirement plan. 

After all relevant information is gathered and assessed, RSG experts can make recommendations for the design of a new plan or the redesign of an existing plan that is more carefully tailored to each clients needs. During the consultation and design phase, RSG employs a comprehensive approach to ensure the proposed plan will meet a company’s goals; this process includes the following: 

  • Review the company’s history, nature of business, management objectives, profitability trends, personnel policies and employee turnover.
  • Analysis of employee and compensation data to estimate benefits and contributions under various plan formulas.
  • Testing of allocations under various formulas and projections of benefits for defined contribution plans.
  • Preliminary testing to determine governmental compliance.
  • Development of plan design specifications, including such factors as eligibility, vesting, benefit and/or allocation formula, retirement dates and distribution methods.
  • Preparation of a clear and concise report for company management, outlining the recommended plan, contribution and/or benefit amounts.